Saturday, July 13, 2013

Splash Pad and Sunday Party

Allow me to annoy you (Abe) by posting all the exact same pictures everyone else in my family has already posted. Jacob's family came to town and we started with a splash. Here we are trying to get a decent picture of the kids at the splash pad:
Eli had sunscreen in his eye. Carson was intrigued by his recent growth spurt that turned him into the same size as Spencer (who is one year older than him). And it proved to be impossible to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time.
But these are our three best attempts.

Then it was off to cool down. Who can spy Eli?

The next day we went to my parents' house for our monthly birthday dinner. Jeff and Claire had some quality bonding time.
I had to document my dessert contribution for dinner. They were delicious and fancy looking. Another successful Mel recipe!
My darling grandparents.
Before long it was time to sing to everyone who had a birthday that month. Plus all of Jacob's kids.
Caroline had a specially made Dora cake to honor her birthday.
After all the singing to Jacob's kids who were not even really born in June, I had forgotten it was legitimately Eli's birthday month! He licked his lips in anticipation of his birthday treat as we sang to him.
Then Natalie, Emma and Laurie showed off their new talent of making balloon animals.
Eli got a snake.

Stay tuned! The week of fun with the Thomas family isn't over quite yet!

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Kim said...

I love a good re-run of my blog post. Nice job! I love Carson and Spencer looking each other over as they sat next to each other on the bench.