Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fired Up For Fireworks

In continuation of the last post, Jacob's family came to visit! I love when the boys huddle around my parents' coffee table with their cars.
Natalie started tattooing the kids in preparation of the big fireworks show that night.
Claire just about killed me with her cuteness. I may start putting headbands on Eli and Carson. And dresses.
Natalie started getting a little more business, so she opened up a makeshift tattoo parlor in the bathroom.
It's important to document every time my dad holds a baby because it doesn't happen too often. I love this picture.

Off to the show!

My kids were the only ones who had to run away every opportunity they had. Their escaping made me question my parenting. How do people prevent their kids from running away in public atmospheres?!? I need tips.
Becky and her kids dancing to Y-M-C-A.
Carson being totally exhausted. Every year I swear I will never drag my kids out to fireworks again because it is toddler torture, but then every year I find myself braving the tantrums in the name of celebrating my independence.
We are a family.

Beinerschnitzel came to town.

The one time Carson sat still for more than one minute. Cutie.
See. He's back on the move.

The next day we had the Thomas Family and the Golden Family over for a pool party and home fireworks show! I had put water in our kiddie pool early that day so it wouldn't be cold for them. It was basically a hot tub by the time our guests arrived.
Jeff made an awesome sprinkler out of PVC pipes.
The hot tub was the place to be.

Luckily I had a humongous cooler I was keeping at my house in preparation of girls' camp the next week. I took the opportunity to fill the cooler up with water balloons.
The water balloon package had cartoony, silly faces on the balloons. After I filled up the balloons, Eli kept opening the cooler up and asking me when the balloons would grow their faces.

Boys. And wheels.
There was a lot of trampoline  bouncing. To my surprise there were no trampoline injuries!
Jeff made us a delicious dutch oven dinner. Beef, potatoes and peach cobbler. Shout-out to the Goldens for hunting down the dutch ovens.
We opted to light our own fireworks after our late night the day before. Laurie got flags for everyone. Eli carried his around everywhere he went for a whole week after this.

All the kids were nervous about the sparklers, so Jeff showed them they weren't scary.
Then Jeff dropped the lit sparkler into a bucket of water. The sizzle got all the kids' attention and they thought that was pretty cool.
And that was just what it took to get everyone begging for sparklers. They would have Jeff light it, and then they would immediately walk over to the bucket and drop it in.

Here's my favorite picture from our party:
Happy 4th of July, and thanks for forcing me to throw a party, Jacob! :)


Rebecca said...

Thanks for hosting the fun get-together! We loved it!

Kim said...

Love the comment about Natalie opening up a makeshift tattoo parlor in the bathroom.

Also fireworks being toddler torture was funny as well. Cute picture of you with your toddler as you are braving the tantrums in the name of celebrating your independence.

I very much enjoyed seeing what I missed at your house when we were at Stadium of Fire. Looks like it was a super fun party! Especially the part about the kids lighting the sparklers and the throwing them in the bucket of water. Another fun post with lots of cute pictures.

jlthomas said...

Thanks for a fun party and scrumptious dinner.

I was getting worried as I was scrolling near the end of the post that the best picture was not going to be making an appearance on the blog. I'm so glad you included it.

Thanks again!

LC said...

fun! i love the cousins lined up on the driveway pic, and the last one of elis sweet dance moves/celebration.
now time for a girls camp post.

jill said...

That's my favorite picture too, Mr. Eli showing off his marching skills. He cracks me up. As do you. Love your posts!