Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Bunch Of Unrelated Pictures

It's time for another edition of "A Bunch of Unrelated Pictures That Are Too Cute For The Blogosphere To Miss Out On." Starting with...

Carson! Every time Carson gets out of the bath, he demands at least 5, but usually 10-15 minutes of towel cuddle time. He just sits there. And smiles. So contently. And don't you ever try to brush off his post bath cuddle. Because he will scream bloody murder until he gets it.
Jeff was excited to watch the World Series last week. Go Dodgers!... 
Eli came proudly marching into the kitchen one morning with Jeff's computer nerd-wear.
We all got soooooooo sick the day after we came home from Disneyland. We were not too happy about our souvenirs of pink eye, runny noses, coughs, and Carson's fever that once read 104 degrees. On the day of this picture, Carson made me hold him literally every single second of the day. If Eli even started to approach me, Carson would scream, "MINE!" like a tiger hovering over a fresh piece of meat.
We've been taking advantage of bike time while we still have it! Eli calls riding bikes "in and out," because he goes in and out of the garage. They would do this all day long if I let them.

We made cookies one evening for a YW meeting. I had two little helpers happy to inspect my work.
Carson. Carson. Carson! 18-month olds are nuts. I had forgotten. I am having a tough time with our littlest man. He has become super attached to me. He has become super opinionated. He is refusing to sleep. He is trying to become his own little person and it is leaving me in utter exhaustion. One of his acts of defiance of late is to only eat popcorn. He will get out all three parts of the popcorn machine and shove them in our face until we acknowledge that he wants popcorn. He is so funny. Here we are indulging his constant craving:
Eli has still been such a good boy! I love three-year olds! I recently checked out some children's audio books at the library. Eli quickly figured out the page turning, and it's now one of his favorite things to do. I love it!
But don't be fooled. Eli's still got a little crazy in him. But we like him that way.
On that trip to Wal Mart from the picture above, Eli was so hysterical. He was climbing into every open crevice he could cram himself into, and he also would occasionally drop to the floor and plank. Seriously. He would lay down, face mashed into the floor, body flat as a board, and just lay. In the middle of the aisles. Giggling. We made quite a few people laugh that evening.

Here's the other goof!
My mom made cookies with Caroline, Spencer, Eli and Carson one day. Of course they all needed to be right in the action!

Gah. This kid. Seriously. He's on a stove. Attempting to turn on the microwave. He is a hospital trip waiting to happen.
This is a typical after dinner look lately. And let's just say I have to mop my floor basically after every meal Carson eats lately.
There's the latest cuteness!


Rebecca said...

I love the picture of Eli reading the book at the table. He looks so adorable.

In the last picture of Carson I can't tell what's food on his face and what are bruises from him using his head as a battering ram at bedtime.

Kim said...

I love the picture of Eli climbing on the grocery store shelf. And planking in the grocery store. And with nerd wear on. Nerd wear--that's a great description.

The picture of sick Carson is so sad, but the description of him claiming you as his prey is hilarious.

Cute, busy little boys.

LC said...

That first picture of you and Carson, you guys look so much alike.
Love all these pictures.
Except the sick boys picture, they look miserable! Poor things!
Love you.