Monday, November 11, 2013

The Happiest Bath There Ever Was

Is it just my kids or is it impossible for a mom to put a little makeup on? They are in my stuff all the time when I'm trying to get ready. They are yanking on my legs. Demanding that I hold them. Or if by the off chance they are happy and playing on their own while I try to get ready, I will emerge from the bathroom only to find that they have managed to destroy every single room of the house all within the 15 minutes it takes me to apply a little mascara.

So we started morning bath time. I get to apply my makeup in peace while the boys are bound to the inner confines of a jacuzzi. It's a great plan. And sometimes. Just sometimes. I am able to get all the way ready without anyone screaming at me.

On one very special occasion, the boys stayed content in the bath for at least an hour and a half. They were so darling together. When I noticed the morning sun shining in through the window offered the perfect lighting for a bubbly bath time photo shoot, I discretely got my phone out and snapped away.

With winter approaching, there's sure to be a few more bath time photo ops. Baths are number one on my list of winter survival tactics.

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Kim said...

Bath time is definitely a great way to keep kids entertained. Two kids in the bath together is even better than one. They entertain each other. Looking forward to more bathtub antics in the future.