Sunday, November 03, 2013

Think of A Wonderful Thought

Yooooouu guessed it. Probably because you are friends with me on Facebook. Or following me on Instagram. Or both. So as you know, we had a Peter Pan themed Halloween this year. Why, you don't say. Here's Peter himself!
Take special note of the costumes. Everything was at least partially crafted by me. And it all turned out surprisingly perfectly! 
Do you hear that? A tick tock...tick tock?
 Why yes! It's the alligator with a head that he absolutely completely refused to wear so this is the best picture we got of it:
And who's that flying into Neverland? Wendy! 
I completely made this dress. Without a pattern. And to everyone's surprise -- it turned out!
Well we couldn't have a Peter Pan theme without Captain Hook coming to crash the party.
I think these are my favorite costumes to date. I really outdid myself.
 Even if the alligator wouldn't wear his hand crafted hood. We still pulled it off.

And by golly. Would you believe it? We even found Peter Pan's shadow at my Grandma's Annual Halloween Party!

Along with my cousin Wes, who was the shadow, my aunt and uncle were decked out as two of the Duck Dynasty crew.
 And here we have my aunt Nani with two of my cousins and my mom.
Pregnant Minnie and Brooke the peacock.

 My parents minus their hard hats.
 My cute grandparents who both have birthdays in October.
 My cousin and her new baby.
 My aunt surprised us all with this revealing gown. So funny!
After we all inspected each other's costumes, we ate and celebrated the birthdays -- which was clearly Eli's favorite part of the evening.

A couple days after my Grandma's party was Halloween day!
Eli loved his Peter Pan costume. He has requested to sleep in it twice. I was so happy he ended up liking it.
Here are the boys just before heading off to start trick-or-treating.

And they're off! It was Carson's first time trick-or-treating and I think he was a little overwhelmed. Though he did quickly learn the words, "trick or treat," "candy," "thank you," and "more."

We risked leaving our bowl of candy on our front porch so we could all go trick-or-treating together. It was a fun family outing.
As soon as it got cold, Carson was done. So he and I sat on our steps and ate candy while we gave out candy to the rest of the trick-or-treaters. Carson would make me open his candy, then he would lick the candy, then he would cast it aside and pull out another candy to shove in my face while yelling, "MORE!" 
The kids made a candy explosion within 2.4 seconds of getting home.
We had a fun Halloween! Now time to figure out what costumes we'll come up with for next year...


Kim said...

Those costumes were amazing!! Way to go!! I loved them all. How fun to hear how much Eli loved wearing his costume.

I don't think I fully appreciated the alligator head and tail until I got a good look at the upside down head hanging down the back of Carson and the tail when he is sitting down with his candy.

I absolutely LOVE that family picture of you all standing in the leaves. So beautiful! What a good sport you all were in wearing the family-themed costumes.

Just wishing next Halloween would come quickly so we can see what stroke of genius and craftiness you come up with next.

Rebecca said...

I love every picture of Eli in this post and I love Jeff's excitement in the last picture of him.

Cute costumes! I am still in awe that they all turned out so perfectly without any frustration on your part!