Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fun with the Excells

A few weeks ago, Jeff's parents came up for a  little visit. We love having them stay with us. Especially when they come bearing pumpkin gifts for the kids!
We went to Union Station with them, and the boys ate up all the trains!

Eli and Carson LOVE trains! The museum had this section of little electronic toy trains zooming all around. The boys could have watched them forever, but Eli was willing to part ways with the mini trains when we told him a life-size train was waiting for him outside.
He did what any rational 3-year old would do and promptly attempted to pick up the train. He was unsuccessful.

This is where I have to admit that I have strong feelings against family pictures with trains. Have you seen them? Have you done them? I feel like I'm missing something with this trend. I don't get the draw of seeking out a rusty train for a family picture. Though I will say the train pictures are one step above the train track pictures. Why? Why? Why? I'm at a loss. Train pictures and mustaches. The two trends that have yet to convince me of their cuteness. Anywho. I had Jeff's mom take our family picture in front of the trains to see if it would convince me train pictures are cute. It almost did.
A little later in the week, we met up with Jeff's brother Ben and his family in Salt Lake to hit up some church sites. The first sight we saw was this fire truck. I think it was Eli's favorite sight of the day.
It ended up raining the day we went, but we weren't about to let a little rain impede our plans. We braved the weather to take a stroll around temple square.

Then we went to see the Christus. It was really sweet to see each boy go up and touch Christ's toe. And Eli asked about Christ's "owies" on his hands, so it provided a good opportunity and visual to teach Eli more about Jesus.
Then we went to the church history museum? Is that what it's called? Anyway. It was super fun and cute! The kids loved it.

We always have a fun time with the Excell family! Eli adores Jeff's parents, and I love that my boys have a bunch of boy cousins close to their ages to do fun things with!


David and Mary said...

We always have a fun time with your family! We enjoyed this weekend so much. Thanks for being such a good Mom and Dad to those cute boys!

jlthomas said...

I love the picture of Eli on the train.

It is soooo unsafe to get pictures on train tracks. You never know when a train could come. :-)

jlthomas said...
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