Thursday, December 08, 2016

Birds and Beaches

I was beginning to feel my parents' mission slip away without me taking advantage of our free California vacation home. I had great plans to visit them at least twice a year and they had almost snuck through 6 months without our company! It was time to change that. 
We made it to Cali with no help from the holiday traffic. I think Eli was happy to be there? 
The boys worked all month to earn Lego sets. Carson can now proudly wipe his own bottom *applause*. And Eli diligently went a whole month without sucking his thumb or any other finger. The boys stayed busy with their Lego sets the whole time we were there and each put their set together all on their own!
Lincoln enjoyed the toys we packed with us to keep at the mission house. 
My dad hid away in his office for a minute to make a few calls. While he was in there, people were lining up to try to get an interview with him. Lincoln must have known that's the best way to get some quality time with his Grandpa these days. 
Lincoln's interview concluded with a trip to Chuck E Cheese. I think someone's gunning for assistant. 

We broke down the prez and got him to enjoy a few games. 
The best part about waking up in the Mission Home B & B is the second B! French toast for all. 
We were anxious to get to the beach. It seemed like the perfect outing for Thanksgiving morning while our turkey cooked. 

And when we got home, we found that the Thanksgiving fairies had made our dinner for us. 
Here's fairy #1...who I'm sure appreciates being called a fairy? 
And fairy #2. The fairy of homemade stuffing -- my most treasured Thanksgiving menu item. 
We have Abe to blame for our evening. He sent a message reminding my dad of the annual tradition he used to make us suffer through -- watching Thanksgiving Promise (a cheesy TV movie, recorded to tape straight from the Hallmark channel) every Thanksgiving evening of our childhood. That message led to feelings of nostalgia which led to Jeff's growing curiosity of the movie, which led to a YouTube search, which led to family movie night honoring our dear friend Chester. 
Then it was off to bed to rest up for a fun day at the zoo!

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Kim said...

You got some GREAT photos of the kids in the water. Loved the fairy comments. Hilarious as usual!! I am thankful you came for Thanksgiving!