Thursday, December 01, 2016

Lego of Their Candy

The boys had very specific plans for their costumes this year, which thankfully involved a brotherly theme, so I went along with it. Eli was super stoked when the first part of his costume arrived in the mail:
Eli was also super stoked to pull the greatest "trick" of all time on Halloween by turning a human into  a lego! He drew this diagram to map out his plans, though it's still unclear what the purpose of the rocket is. 
The great switch!
Eli had a costume parade at school. We got a quick picture with his friend after the parade. 
Behold Benny, Emmet, and Bad Cop from The Lego Movie. If you look closely, you can see Eli's chin wound in the final stages of healing up. We were wishing his costume better incorporated the stitches. 
Ever since this day, half the time I ask the boys to smile, they pull the face Eli's making in this picture which is their dubbed "Bad Cop Smile." 
They proudly picked their own characters from The Lego Movie. Carson was dead set on being Benny, who is a little bit of a more obscure character, but I think it suits him perfectly I love the way his costume turned out. 
Admittedly, Lincoln didn't voice that he wanted to be Emmet, but someone had to do it, and he made for a darling little Master Builder. 
The boys had a blast trick or treating. Lincoln was the laziest trick or treater I've ever seen. He was not at all grasping the concept, and instead preferred to sit in the stroller, leaving me stuck running up to every house to gather candy for him which led to our neighbors staring at me with a hint of, "Suuuuuuuuuuuure" in their eyes when I tried to convince them I had an almost-2-year-old too lazy to fetch the candy himself. 

Though I did feel less bad eating a portion of his candy knowing I had done all the work for it. 
Lincoln was as equally possessive as he was lazy for his candy. He was a candy MONSTER the entire week after Halloween. He would emerge with handfuls of candy at all hours of the day. One day I realized he was going up to the boys' room where their stashes were (while they were at school), sliding down the stairs, and demanding I open the candy for him. Then he would go back up and get another piece, always one at a time, and always straight back for another one as soon as he swallowed the one before. 

I put his candy up on the counter one day when all the chairs were on the table. With the boys' door closed and that source cut off, he heaved a trash can from upstairs all the way downstairs and over to his candy to gain full access of his loot. 

Even a good 2 weeks after Halloween when all the candy was assumed eaten, he would still somehow emerge with sweets, so I'm convinced he had a secret stash for a while. He was nuts! Covered in chocolate. 

You may have noticed Jeff and I were lame and didn't dress up this year. Sad face. We had great plans to be President Business and Wild Style, but as Halloween drew nearer, we realized we were going to be out of town for my Grandma's famous Halloween party, and other than that party, we don't really have an excuse to dress up so we went forewent costumes this year. I will mention (though not pictured) that I wore our Legoland family reunion matching t-shirt on Halloween, so I claimed to be dressed up as the theme song. Does that count? No? It's all you're getting out of me this year. We'll see what next year brings!

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Kim said...

I love how you brought Eli's umagunashin to life. The little Lego boys are SO adorable! Your costumes always amaze!!