Sunday, December 25, 2016

My Favorite Artists

It is my favorite thing ever to find my kids drawing adorable pictures. Carson was on a robot kick one week and surprised me with this intricate cuteness. 
Then a couple days later, he surprised me with being able to spell robot sound effects. What?! Carson is so funny! He's already anxious to sound out words and spell, and he's really taken to it in the past couple of months! 
A few weeks after school started, Eli must have learned about authors and illustrators because he came home from school determined to write a book (cue my beaming heart). 
Title: The Summer Sky
First we flied kites. Then we put lotion on. Then we maked pets?

Not sure about the last line. But my favorite part of his story was the survey on the back:
"Is this story good or bad?" Eli read his story to everyone in the family and then eagerly asked them if they liked the story. Carson connivingly had Eli on the edge of his seat as he lingered with his answer, threatening to answer bad before finally giving in and answering good. Jeff and I joked that Eli's already after "likes." 

Carson drew this picture for Jeff one day. It's a football with Jeff's favorite team "Dodgers." Nevermind the clash of sports. We still loved it. 
We'll end with one more time Carson impressed me with his spelling. I love how quickly he's picking up reading! 


Rebecca said...

Be still my heart. Nothing makes me happier than kid art combined with kid spelling. Carson is such a genius! I can't believe what a good writer he is! Eli's book was adorable. Allow me to put my professional knowledge to good use and offer an alternate translation of the last part of his story: "Then we maked pizza." Maybe?

Kim said...

"I love mom so much." LOVE IT! Loved all the art and the kid writing. Like Rebecca, it makes my heart happy, too.