Sunday, December 25, 2016

Snowy Snapshots

Winter played a cruel joke on us dumping 6 inches of snow the night we got back from California. 
Lincoln found himself confused trying to do his favorite summer outside activities but finding the cold and snow making them difficult. 
He found the whole snow business very baffling. Especially the part where he got cold. Not a fan. 
Eli obsessively shoveled as always. Bless his instinctively hard working soul. 
I was so worried about finding Carson a preschool group being newly moved into the area. Our neighborhood quickly invited us into a joy school that has a great group of kids and Carson's loved it! He appears to love it less at our house...
than he does at other people's houses. Carson has NEVER offered me a smile this sincere for a picture but he gives them out willy nilly to any other mom who asks!
The more kids I have, the more I love Jim Gaffigan. I've read his books. I've seen his stand-up on Netflix. I've watched his TV show. He is my parenting spirit animal. I just love him. 

Through a chain reaction of destiny, I came to discover my pal Jim was scheduled to tour through Utah and I knew we HAD to go. So we did. 

Tears were flowing down my face within the first 2 minutes of Gaffigan getting on stage. It was a good night even considering Jeff made me eat sushi for dinner. 
I finally ordered all the boys their first pair of boots. Yes. Eli has never owned boots before this winter. It was time. 

Had I known how excited boots would make 3 little boys, I would have indulged their footwear fantasies much sooner. I ordered the boots on Black Friday, so our normal 2-day Amazon shipping was delayed, agonizing Eli with each additional day he had to wait to finally know what it felt like to be a boy in boots. The boots finally came and the boys were all instantly in love with their winter kicks. 
We went to Temple Square. I don't know if it was the influence of girls, or if it was the said warm kicks, but Eli was sure eager to strike a happy pose for me for the first time ever. 
I usually prefer to visit Temple Square in the spring. Or in the summer. Or in the fall. I just hate being in the cold. In the dark. With three ticking time bombs who may decide they've had it with the cold at any unexpected moment. 

But we came prepared. We triple layered everybody, had the boots, had the gloves, had the hats, had the snow pants. We were ready to face the cold. And who would have guessed...when you dress appropriately, Winter's not half bad. 

My memories of the lights at Temple Square involve me being a teenager and being too cool to wear a coat, resulting in an obviously miserable night. But with a coat, it's actually enjoyable! We may even venture out into the cold again with this new found knowledge of coats and boots. 
Carson opened his very own bakery one day. He's always been my foodie and I've always loved him for it. 
Madison and Lincoln love to sneak out to the garage to ride bikes around. I often find them on the same bike when I go out to check on them, which leaves me no choice but to snap endless pictures of them. 
We'll end with Lincoln's preferred way to wait for me to get ready. Lincoln loves to rummage through/on top of/all over the bathroom while I get ready every morning. He usually keeps out of trouble even though I can't seem to keep him out of the sink. 

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Kim said...

The three boys out shoveling are adorable!! Lincoln in the sink is adorable. Lincoln and Madison on the same bike are adorable. Adorable post.