Sunday, August 06, 2017

House Guests

Just as all of our scheduled summer activities died down, we had some fun house guests arrive to keep us entertained.
And to be my babysitters/food prep/house cleaners for a week!
Jacob had me arrange an extended family get together at the house while he was here. 

Emma made the mistake of asking Jeff how to master a Rubik's Cube. When Jeff uttered the word, "logarithm," she knew she was in over her head but kindly humored Jeff through the end of the lesson.
Natalie was grateful for my brief experimental nail polish phase of 2 years ago as I proudly had more than one nail polish color to offer her when she began her night-before-EFY pedicure.
We went to Scales and Tails on Pioneer Day where in a brief moment of trying to convince my boys I was cool I was wiling to sacrifice my life.

Carson got daring and held a few reptiles as well.
Eli was terribly nervous the snakes and alligators were all plotting their escape, so he was less excited to come in contact with them.
But he warmed up to the cold-blooded creatures by the end.
Tuesday morning all the cousins were eager to play together.
And Laurie was eager to get some much needed cuddles in with Jonah.
Laurie's dad has a button business, so he brought his button making supplies over and let the kids enjoy some afternoon crafting.

Eli was totally into it. He loved seeing the process of how the buttons are made and after his button was done he asked if he was allowed to wear it to school. When he asked if he could make a second one, Steve said yes and Eli did one, single, excited jump as an expression of his trying-to-stay-cool-and-reserved excitement.
The kids were quiet, happy, creative, and all had a great afternoon working on their souvenirs.
We went to the park in the afternoon where Jacob turned into a monster eager to capture little children.
And where the girls have been to enough parks to know the best way to enjoy an afternoon at the park is to park it in the shade.
The captive children being held in jail by the monster, waiting for the right moment to escape.
They escaped just in time to join us over in the shade that was apparently right next to a wasps nest. One way or another we were suddenly and for unknown reasons attacked by wasps. Carson and Madison both suffered 2 stings each, making for an unfortunate end to our otherwise pleasant afternoon.

The best baby holder this side of the Mississippi.
And when she wasn't being a baby holder, she was helping me pick up toys, helping me soothe Lincoln, or helping me chop vegetables for dinner. All without ever being asked!
Luke offered to chop onions for me for dinner after I told him it's my least favorite dinner prep task. Luke had the best onion cutting trick of all time to prevent the tears from flowing. I had never considered swim goggles to be a kitchen essential, but he may have managed to convince me otherwise.
Stay tuned for more!


Rebecca said...

Yay! I can't wait to relive the fun times with Jacob's family!

Kim said...

The onion cutting goggle idea is brilliant! Emma, the best baby holder this side of the Mississippi looks like is a true statement by the looks of the baby's expression she is holding. So adorable!! Both of them!!

Thanks for posting photos of the family party. I know how much Laurie loves those get togethers.

All the children all around the table making buttons looks like a LOT of children!!!! They had to love being with each other so much. You are the hostess with the mostest!!