Sunday, August 27, 2017

When the Sun Mooned Us

Can I get a "What! What!" for the solar eclipse?!?
About 3 weeks before the eclipse, Jeff got a notification on his phone that I had just purchased some eclipse glasses off Amazon. He immediately texted me in a somewhat mockingly way saying he thought it was "cute" how excited I was for the eclipse. I thought it was "cute" how he thought he wouldn't care about the eclipse. I knew he'd be grateful for my efforts to prepare come the day of the show.
Sure enough, the morning of the eclipse Jeff was suddenly eager to find out when the maximum coverage would be so he could race home from work to meet us and share in the experience with us because it turned out to be even cooler than anyone was fully expecting. Oh Jeff. You're so cute. :)
We went to the church parking lot so the boys could ride bikes with intermittent breaks for popcorn/eclipse viewing.

I am officially an eclipse chaser. It was like, the coolest thing I've ever seen. And thankfully I could see it. Because I bought the glasses. Jeff.

I am forever regretful I didn't make more of a push to trek up to Idaho. We did still experience some darkening, cooled temperatures, and an overall eerie feeling which was everything I was hoping for, so I guess I'll be satisfied in the viewing efforts we did make, but it made me all the more interested to have experienced totality!
It made for a fun educational experience to ease us back into the school scene that would soon follow. 


Kim said...

First of all--the title is a killer!! Nice job on that one! Second of all--your little boys are so adorable with their eclipse glasses and the anticipation of the big event. So glad we could live the eclipse vicariously through your family since we did not make the effort to get the proper eyewear for us to be able to see for ourselves when the sun mooned us.

LC said...

This! Same same same. Hahaha. Also I really regret not going to Idaho too!!! Dang it.