Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lake Town Breakdown

We spent Friday night tediously planning every detail of the next day's events. We wanted to do something big and fun with everyone for Jacob's last day in town. We planned the location: Pineview Reservoir. We planned the food: Walmart pickup. We planned the itinerary: Nonstop paddle boarding/sand castle building. 

But what we didn't plan for was...
A broken down car. Dallas and Becky's car called it quits on the way to the lake. Nothing a little double buckling can't solve! We managed to get everyone to the lake and strategically placed thoughts of the abandoned van way down deep in the back of our heads so we could enjoy the day.
It worked! Car troubles won't get us down!

Guys. I accidentally bought Jonah a whale swimsuit. I'm still trying to decide if it's cute or cheesy to go all in with Jonah's namesake.
Hooray for the paddle board. Jacob rented it for 4 hours and it did not go one single second without someone using it. We loved that thing!

Jeff's loves to have a baby at the lake because it gives him an excuse to enjoy the shade, nap, and enjoy the snacks.

We've added the lake to our family get-together must-do list. It was so fun and such a perfect outlet for the cousins to just play, make memories, and enjoy each other. The day was a dream for those of us who didn't have to wake up to the reality of an out-of-service van the next day!


Rebecca said...

Hooray for the lake! It was a dream for us, too. I've still put the broken-down van out of my mind.

Kim said...

That paddle board looked so fun for everyone--kids and adults alike. What great cousin memories!

I had to laugh at the picture of Jonah awake and Jeff asleep as Jeff is taking care of him.