Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Long Barber Shop

My brother called the other day mad that I hadn't updated him on our "news." Allow me to update any of my other offended family members of our news before I get more angry phone calls:

We're moving out of our apartment THIS SATURDAY!!!! Goodbye smelly perms, yappy dog, neighbor's midnight parties, mold, leaky everything, creaky floors, bumpy walls, painted bathtub, cracked ceilings and everything else we're sick of. (Click HERE in case you forgot what we're living in.)

Hello two bedroom apartment with a (da da da da) garbage disposal! You should have seen our excitement when we noticed this new place has a garbage disposal. The guy who showed us the apartment seemed a little concerned about where we're currently living when we gasped at the sight of a garbage disposal, windows and a moldless bathroom.

Wow, we are really moving up in the world.

The barber shop apartment was the perfect first apartment for us, and of course it will always hold a special place in our hearts. But I am not too sad to be saying so long! I'll take the memories and leave the apartment for a more recently newlywed couple to start their adventure.


Rebecca said...

How about a dishwasher? Have you upgraded enough for that handy appliance?

Eagle Hollow Furnishings said...

Thats AWESOME!! but i'm going to need to know where you are moving to so we can have suprise visits and cinnamon rolls for christmas to you :)

Kim said...

Congratulations for moving up in the world! Good luck in your move. I'm glad you've got some good helpers lined up for the job. You know we'd love to be there and help out if we could... And you better be careful and not do any heavy lifting. I'm going to be anxious to see your new place.

sarah said...

Becky, we're moving up one kitchen appliance at a time. No dishwasher.

Jenny, I'll give you our address when I figure out what it is. I love those christmas cinnamon rolls!

Mom, the invitation is open if you guys want to make a quick trip to cedar. I know a cute little hotel that would love to have you.

Glen said...


We would love to help if you would have only told us... but wait, I have tickets to the BYU game on Saturday so that won't work.

First apartments are always great. You want to start out in a bit of a dump so you feel like you are moving up in the world.

Anonymous said...

Where are you moving!?!? That is so exciting!! If you need any help let us know!