Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Final Countdown

In honor of our 100 days until baby comes mark, I decided to add one of those pregnancy tickers to our blog. It seemed so daunting when it said anything over 100 days to go, but now that we've reached the 100 day mark, I can handle seeing that countdown.
I guess this is where I will also say I'm pretty sure we have decided on his name being Eli. Not Elijah. Just Eli. Little Eli Excell. It's cute. I love it. It's the only name we've been able to agree on. So there it is.

We are all moved into our new place. It's much more homey than our other apartment. One day I'll get it clean enough to take pictures and post those. Until then, you get the messy pictures of us moving everything in.

Yup, that's pet odor febreeze. Let's just say the previous owner had a cat. A cat that didn't like to use its litter box.

Leslie came over for a little house warming The Bachelor season finale party. Leslie loves Vienna and I was rooting for Tenley. I won't give anything away in case some of you haven't seen it yet. Jeff was rolling his eyes at us as we were screaming at the TV for the full three hours of the show last night.
Busy busy weekend! Two more weeks until spring break when we can finally kick back and relax.


Kim said...

Still wearing unmatching socks, I see...

I can hardly wait to see your "new home" all fixed up how you like it. Already I see an improvement. The walls look nicely painted. I'm sure there are many more positives to your new place.

As for The Bachelor--WE NEED TO TALK!!!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for not ruining the Bachelor finale. I have yet to see it. You better believe I'll be calling you the second I finish watching it.

Eagle Hollow Furnishings said...

I love how the name sounds! VERY CUTE! I was rooting for Tenley, but after watching there last date together I didn't want Jake to have her because I felt she deserved better... :)