Saturday, March 06, 2010


The weather was nice and warm today. It was ideal running weather. While I was on my walk, I saw quite a few people who agreed it was wonderful running weather as they were sprinting around the town. I haven't really run since I got pregnant. First trimester I was too tired, and when I tried running early in the second trimester, every step I took made my bladder feel like it was going to explode. I decided to settle with walks instead of runs for nine months.

But today. Today was such a perfect day! It was like every person who ran past me was cheering me on to take up running again. I got to the top of a huge hill and on the downhill slope I just couldn't resist. I ran. I ran to my little heart's content. I kept waiting for my stomach to feel like it was going to fall off or my bladder to get uncomfortable or a sprained ankle. But I successfully made it all the way down the hill feeling surprisingly unpregnant.

Now, four hours later, I am feeling surprisingly way more pregnant than before my run. My back is hurting for the first time ever and I'm just feeling my muscles get more and more sore. What have I done to myself? And how the heck do those crazy pregnant ladies run marathons up until a few weeks before they deliver?!? Looks like I'm stuck in the slow lane.

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Kim said...

So glad you had a great day for a run. I'm convinced running is for crazy people, and now maybe you'll agree.

When are you going to give us a blog tour of your new place?