Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Quick Tour

Welcome to the internet tour of our home. Follow me into the living room where we have recently discovered cable television.
We don't have all of our decorations up yet, but here's the general idea of the other half of our living room.
And if you follow me into the kitchen, what's this? Counter space! Not to mention the cupboards that actually close and the drawers that glide open and shut without any problems.
Here's the hallway to the future nursery.
Stairs to the back door that have become storage because unfortunately we're still short on closet space. Maybe we'll get Jeff's linen closet next house.
Future baby room. That is now a mess. And has the biggest closet in the house.
And now to our bedroom. Ugly? Yes. We really need to have white walls with our current bed colors.

The sink is outside the bathroom. This setup reminds me of my sister's apartment when she was in college so it makes me feel like Jeff and I are roommates which is kind of funny. I've never thought of Jeff as my roommate before but I guess we are roommates after all.
There you have it. The full internet tour of our new apartment. It has really grown on me the last few days. I feel a lot better about it now that I've scrubbed every inch of the apartment. We are very grateful to all the people who helped us move and offered to help. We got everything done so quickly and we were extremely thankful for the extra hands.


Klarissa said...

The new place already looks fabulous - you probably have 5 times the space we have in SF. I cannot wait to see the finished nursery!

Abe said...

Super cute! Can't wait for me and K to fly to Salt Lake and for you and Jeff to drive up and tell us more about it in person ;)

Laura and Ben said...

You have made this place 10x more cute then I ever remember any of Tim's apartments being. Good job!

jlthomas said...

very cute Sarah! It's fun to see where you guys live.

Kim said...

Thanks for the tour. Your touches have made it a very cute place. I'm anxious to see it in person, but you've held me over sufficiently until I make the trek down there.

I always love it when the sink is outside the tub/toilet area in a hotel because then the mirror doesn't get all fogged up and it's easier for two of us to get ready at the same time. So, I'm sure you'll love your set up and isn't it great to have such a wonderful roommate?

Eagle Hollow Furnishings said...

That looks so cute! I bet its so nice to have counter space! I can't wait to see the nursery done. What theme and colors are you doing?