Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthday Bonanza

My birthday was a day of highlights and unfortunately lowlights. Here's the story:

I woke up to the smell of Jeff making me homemade chocolate-chip pancakes. Did you know homemade pancakes are 100% better than boxed mix? It's true. And Jeff found a winning recipe on
We sent Jeff off to work and Eli was super good while I got ready for the day. And then our day took a turn for the worst when I attempted to buckle him into his carseat to go to the library. It was the wrestling match of the century. Luckily I eventually won the battle and we set out on our errands for the day.

Eli loves the library and I had a book on hold that had just become available. I was so giddy to find a little peace and solitude in the walls of the library to start my birthday morning. I got Eli out of his carseat and he ran to the front door. I tried to open the door to enter my haven only to find we had arrived 20 minutes before they opened.

I had planned to stop at the fabric store as well, so I just decided to reroute and go to the fabric store first, but I wasn't excited for the extra battles of strapping Eli to his carseat. Never had I been more jealous of my mom who often tells me frivolous safety precautions like carseats didn't exist in her child rearing years.

After once again removing Eli from his restraint, we got to the door of the fabric store and saw a "Closed" sign there to greet us. I almost cried. I started to turn around but decided to try the door just in case they forgot to flip the sign that day. Yes. Sweet victory was mine as I entered my latest favorite shopping facility.

But my victory was a short celebration as Eli, seemingly unprovoked, had a screaming hissy fit as soon as we walked through the door. I ignored him and all the people who were staring. He eventually pulled himself together and we successfully got exactly what I wanted (and at 40% off!).

After yet another carseat battle, we made our way back to the library. Right after we walked in, I heard a group of people singing "Happy Birthday." We happened to go during the story time just as they were singing to all the kids who were having a birthday that week. I felt honored.

Eli ran around like a crazy person, and since story time was going on we couldn't look through the kid books. We made it a quick trip.

When we got home I let Eli play in the car for a few minutes while I read a few pages of my book. At one point I looked up at him and noticed he had a bloody nose? It was hardly bleeding but it's still never a good feeling to see blood coming from your kid. I decided it was time for lunch and a nap after the day's...excitement.
Eli slept perfectly long enough for me to sew a new cover for one of his window seat cushions. Then he woke up and in no time Jeff was home to take us out to dinner to celebrate.

Winger's was my restaurant choice. Partly because I thought the popcorn would help keep Eli entertained...
But I mostly chose it for the Asphalt Pie. Yummmm.
Happy Birthday to me.
Eli continued being a wild child.
So we ate fast and enjoyed our pie at home.
After we scarfed down my birthday pie, two of my friends from high school came by to wish me a happy birthday. So cute of them.
It was also cute of them to bring me a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme along with a few other goodies.
Jeff and I ended the night by watching "Moneyball" together. 
My birthday celebrations continued into Thursday as my Mom and sister wanted to treat me to lunch. I only ate four donuts for breakfast since I wanted to make sure I was hungry by lunch time... 

I gave Eli a donut and a green smoothie for breakfast and I was completely shocked to see he slurped down the smoothie before he even touched the donut. He really does love those things! 
We had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. That salad is always extra delicious when I'm pregnant.
Becky, "Princess Brooke," Caroline and Spencer joined in on the fun.

It was another good birthday despite the tantrums. Thanks to everyone who made it special for me!


Eric and Justine said...

Happy Birthday! The asphalt pie looks Delicious!

Kenzman said...

Sarah your birthday sounds perfect! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and the krispie cremes! ;) now here is the serious question that I think we are all asking ourselves.... Does Jeff always wear a winter coat when he's making pancakes on a hot stove?!

Kim said...

Laughed at Kenz's comment about Jeff wearing his winter coat while cooking!! Jeff is such a sweetie pie to make you pancakes on your birthday!!

Your sob story was just as good reading about it after having already heard all about it. There were some high points to your day amidst the low points.

Here's an idea...on Eli's birthday see how many tantrums you can throw and see how he likes it.

UtahGuy01 said...

This reminds me. I keep meaning to pick up some Krispy Kreme donuts.