Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Great Escape

I wasn't planning on even trying to put Eli in a toddler bed until a few months after #2 gets here.

Who knows what Eli'd do if he was given free range of an entire room after the lights went out at night?

Well. Turns out we know what he'd do.

Because we just so happened to buy a toddler bed on a whim today. And we just so happened to be so excited about it that we cleaned it and put a certain cute chevron quilt on it -- just to see what it would look like. Then Eli started freaking out in his new room because he was so excited. He was running in circles, pretending to snore on his new bed, screaming in delight, kissing the walls. He loved it. What kind of parents would we be if we didn't take advantage of our little one's utter excitement to grow up and enter the world of cageless sleeping?
Jeff read Eli his bedtime stories while Eli ran laps around the room. Then Jeff turned the lights off and before he was even out the door, Eli was out of his bed clicking buttons on his space heater. We heard beeping for fifteen minutes.

At least he can't open doors. I thought. There's only so much a toddler can do in a room without any toys.

Then I heard the door knob rattle. Sucker. I thought. It's a good thing we're training him to sleep in his room before he learns how to open doors.

Then I saw it. Well, I saw him. Running towards me with a book screaming excited nonsense. Probably baby talk for, "Hey Mom! Look at me! I just made your worst nightmare come true!" He was so proud.
(That picture was taken after his nap (in a crib) today. I always know he's slept good when he greets me with this hairstyle.)

Let's just say we won't be trying the toddler bed again until a few months have passed and a few door knob covers have been purchased.


Kim said...

I thought that little stinker opened up the other pantry door the last time you were here, but then wondered if it had been partially open and that's how he got in there. I guess we should give him credit for figuring out how to open doors. He's a smartie pants, for sure.

Another funny post that had your dad and me laughing first thing this morning! Good job on your quilt!!


CandL said...

Haha escape artist eli. Love him. And his big boy bed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have NO idea how to get little ones to stay in their bed and baby Sarah isn't even crawling yet haha
I wish you had a video of him running to you :)

Ben, Tana, B.A., and Dirk said...

His room is really cute. It looks like you are all ready for #2 to enter.