Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Return of the Happy Baby

Eli has significantly redeemed himself since this post. Although, I haven't tried to take him back to Wal-Mart since then.

We woke up on Saturday to a ton of snow! I love these pictures of Eli looking at all the snow.

Bundled and adorable to play in the snow.
When Eli has something he knows he's not supposed to have (a pen in this case), he always runs to his favorite hiding spot between the couch and the wall and thinks we won't know what he's up to over there.
Yesterday Eli and I spent the whole day cooking. He loves to help me cook and taste my creations along the way. We made blueberry muffins in the morning and chicken pot pie in the evening. He also did my workout video with me and helped me fold laundry! We had a productive day with NO tantrums!! 

Eli's favorite toy is the bottom part of my mixer. He loves to spin it around and around. Yesterday I walked in the living room and saw him sitting like this and saying, "Car! Car!" Look at his imagination go.
Something doesn't quite belong...
I love a happy baby! Here's to hoping the rest of the week is just as pleasant.


CandL said...

Yay for happy days and cute pictures of eli.
Do u have a great chicken pot pie recipe? Send it! Ive been wanting to make that.

Rebecca said...

I love that second picture of Eli with the star bib on where he's smiling.

And is the chicken pot pie recipe from Mel?

Kim said...

How nice that the happy baby is back. After two days of nonstop whining, I finally have a happy baby back as well. He's playing happily with his brother and sister--who is home from school for the second day, but at least she's perking up and the fever has left the house! Nothing like seeing happy children playing!!

sarah said...

The chicken pot pie and the muffins were courtesy of Mel.