Thursday, January 19, 2012


Every Tuesday morning when I enter a new week of my pregnancy, I faithfully watch two pregnant ladies' vlogs. Why this brings me so much joy I don't know. Maybe it's because they tell me things like, "27 weeks pregnant! That's officially the third trimester!" When all other internet sources tell me I still have a week or two left before I can go celebrating my entrance into third trimester uncomfortableness.

For the two hours I thought I was already in my third trimester, I thought I had better do another pregnancy update. I've already given up on the weekly pictures I so diligently took with my first pregnancy. But I did muster up the energy to straighten my hair today for my "third trimester" shot:
I have had almost no cravings with this pregnancy. Kind of sad because I love hearing funny pregnancy cravings.

I was just thinking how not paranoid I am with this pregnancy compared to my first. I still sleep on my stomach. I am not nearly as diligent at taking my prenatals, I've painted walls, gotten an x-ray, eaten lunch meat and plenty of cookie dough. Hopefully, despite my neglect, we still get another smart, healthy baby...

I didn't document my weight gain with Eli, so I want to document it with this one. I didn't gain any weight for the first...16 weeks. Then in two weeks I gained 15 pounds! But I haven't gained any since? What?? Does anyone else pack on their pregnancy weight all at once? 
Besides heartburn, my biggest pregnancy symptom has been nesting! This week I've felt like there is so much that needs to be done. Suddenly all the walls and doors look filthy, closets look cluttered and don't even get me started on all the rearranging that needs to be done to get all the rooms in order before April.

Working on Eli's new room has been a fun but daunting project. After weeks worth of nights and many nap times spent hunched over my sewing machine, I finally finished the quilt for Eli's bed.
I love it! (And it was surprisingly easy to make.)
Eli loves it, too. Ever since Jeff painted the wall, whenever I tell Eli to go to his room, this is the room he goes to.
Sometimes he even feels the need to show the room his love with kisses.
Finished. Yay. I might get some sleep again.
This is the back. I kind of hate the back and the evolution of it is a long, boring story that basically came down to a shortage of fabric and my indecisiveness.

Happy (almost) third trimester to me! Now who wants to come scrub some baseboards?


Kim said...

You did a really good job on that quilt. And I still feel like you barely look pregnant. Or was that the last time I saw you and I'm going to be surprised when I see you tomorrow?

Klarissa said...

Everything looks so cute! Love the paint job! Can't wait to meet Eli jr!

jlthomas said...

Really cute quilt! And you look great sarah! Happy 3rd trimester!

jlthomas said...

Nice quilt!

There...I read it. Sorry I was behind.


David and Mary said...

I love the quilt! That gives me hope to finish the quilt I am working on! Eli's room is shaping up to be a cute room. At least your nesting has a creative flair....good job Sarah.

UtahGuy01 said...

You should rename this the Eli Channel!