Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Disney Temple

Guess who has now been to nursery two successful times in a row...
Several months ago I went through our house and showed Eli the pictures of temples we have on display. Since then Eli has grown to love temples. Anything resembling a temple gets him screaming and jumping for joy. I love hearing him screeching "Temple! Temple!" at the top of his lungs. Especially when I'm not expecting it. Like when I put on a movie for him the other day and this "temple" was on the big screen.
When Eli's not shrieking about temples he's usually shrieking about Jeff. Whenever Jeff is home he has a little shadow following him around. Whenever Jeff isn't home Eli wanders around mournfully mumbling, "Dada work."
Eli and Jeff are so adorable together. I just read a book (yes. I read now.) called "Raising Boys" (yes. I've accepted my fate.) and it talks about how important dads are in a boy's life. I'm grateful my boys have such a great example to look up to and I'm amazed to already see the difference it makes when Jeff spends time with Eli.

Eli's other favorite thing to say lately is, "Oh my!" It cracks me up. "Oh my!" is his reaction to everything and he varies his tone to the situation. He uses it when he first sees us in the morning, when he drops something on the ground or when he's excited. I love it.
We love our little Eli and all his quirks. He's always up to something and he always keeps us laughing.


Natalie&Brad said...

I think this is my favorite post ever. That's all :)

Eric and Justine said...

Super cute! Temple! it

Kim said...

Cute picture of Jeff and Eli smiling at each other. Disney temple--so funny! And I've heard the "Oh my" coming from those cute, little lips. My favorite part this post is you have accepted your fate to be the mother of all boys. Good for you!