Friday, July 13, 2012

Carson's Closeup

Sometimes your baby says to you, "Mom. I'm being super adorable today so you should probably take a zillion pictures of me to permanently freeze this moment in your mind." Okay baby. Will do.
(He's recently discovered his horse-like tongue. He likes to share his discovery with the world often.)


Rebecca said...

How do you have a post up today? Did you ignore Kenzie during your slumber party?

Carson looks cute. That is a pretty amazing tongue he has.

Kim said...

Your brother Ben would be so jealous Carson can stick his tongue out so far. I hadn't realized your baby's tongue is something to brag about. I'll have to notice the horse tongue next time I see him. He's a cutie.

Kenzman said...

She did Rebecca. All I did was tend the children while she blogged all night. Next time you should come!!!! Ps Sarah I love your boys! Cars is such a babe and Eli could entertain me for hours-- or at least a good 30 minutes.