Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Point and Laugh

Hmmm...I can't help but feel like we're quickly becoming the house on the block that has all the neighbors whispering, "Did you see that?!?"

If mowing the lawn with Carson in a bouncer on the front porch and Eli chasing me around doesn't keep our neighbors entertained, then leaving the baby monitor on outside -- full blast -- while I gave Eli the screamiest time-out of his life sure should have gotten us some attention.

If our other stunts have gone unnoticed, I'm sure Eli's latest trick will turn a few heads.
Come one, come all to see Eli the caged animal!

Having a window seat in a toddler's room is a terrible idea. Note: blinds are broken. We are that family.
Surely that window can withstand the force of my rambunctious toddler, right?

In other news: I contracted an illness after interacting with the three sick boys at my parents' house last week. We're talking fever, head exploding, exhausting, cough-up-a-lung kinda sickness. It hasn't been pretty around here.

Although I never actually purposely left any of Carson's binkies within Eli's reach, the past two days I haven't gone through great measures to steal them back from Eli after he's discovered one. Because, hey. I can get a good 15 minutes of quiet time when he's sucking on one of those things.

I find it odd that he loves the binky so much in the first place, but even more odd that he insists on crawling in Carson's crib to fully enjoy his binky fix. What a kid.
Jeff went up to visit his brother tonight which left me looking for ways to keep me and the boys entertained all day. My no-fail happiness formula is to go to D.I. and let Eli pick out a new toy to keep him busy. We found some building blocks and they worked like a charm. They worked so good that I was the one who was bored and begging him for attention. Which resulted in this video of the boys and their latest tricks:


Kenzman said...

Is it weird i read this within minutes of you posting as I creepily sat alone in my room laughing?! I love your boys-- actually only when they comb their hair cuz that's when they are the handsomest! See you Friday for some building blocks in person!!

Rebecca said...

I love baby talk! Favorite parts included, "No, called taxi" and "My goodness!"

Funny babies.

Kim said...

I'm glad you posted the words as he's talking. That helped really appreciate exactly what he was saying. He's hilarious! I loved "You're bugging me!" So funny! He got so excited about tummy time and was so sweet with his baby brother. Looks like all that training you've been doing teaching him to be nice to younger children is paying off.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!