Saturday, July 07, 2012


My brother Jacob came to town over the 4th of July for their annual Utah trip. Logan and Eli share the same interests. But that's about all they shared with each other.

Logan was hit, shoved and a victim of theft. I won't tell you our suspect because this picture makes Eli look so innocent.
Grams and Carson having  a little bonding time.
On the 3rd, we all trekked up to the Eaglewood Golf Course for their fireworks show.
We got a cute picture of all the cousins (plus Jacob). Cuties.
Natalie was a great baby long as a sufficient amount of time had passed since Carson had eaten so that he wouldn't spit up on her. I think she successfully dodged his spew her whole visit! Wish I could say the same for me.
I was already all set up to take a picture of my parents when we heard this jet flying by. Good timing!
Waiting for the fireworks.

Here are the boys on the 4th of July sporting their red, white and blue.
Emma let me do her hair in a french braid before dinner.
Eli and Natalie having a picnic.
Carson was attacked a few times by curious observers.
Cousin picnic.
It was fun to see Jacob and Laurie's family! Too bad Logan got everybody sick or we could have seen them longer.  :)

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Kim said...

I hope Logan (and Eli and Spencer) didn't make me sick!!! There were a lot of runny noses going on around here. But despite it all, we had a great 4th of July celebration. Cute red, white and blue outfits on the boys cuddling together.