Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three Months Old

Carson is three months old! Here's what he's up to:

  • Rolled back to front while he was swaddled several times one night. Now we have him sleep with an arm out and he doesn't roll anymore.
  • He giggles when we tickle him.
  • He coos when we talk to him and when he's falling asleep.
  • He still eats about every two hours.
  • He got sick this month and ever since he's been sick it takes him forever to fall asleep at night and he is back to only sleeping about five hours in a row at night.
  • Loves to suck on his hands.
  • Sticks his tongue out when we stick our tongue out at him.
  • Started to be interested in toys hanging in front of him on his bouncer.
  • Loves taking baths.
  • Always fussy in the evenings between 5ish-8ish.
  • Good in the car and in the stroller.
  • He still isn't super awesome at sucking a binky but we're forcing the binky upon him.
  • Finally getting the hang of eating from a bottle every now and then.
  • Has good head control.
  • Loves to sit up or stand on our laps.
  • He's generally very happy and content while he's awake.
We love Carson! It's fun to see him grow and learn new things.


Klarissa said...

Looks like you have a mini Eli! What a doll! Love that you are recording his monthly accomplishments.

jlthomas said...

such a cute picture! I love seeing his personality start to come out!

Kim said...

The Carson updates are wonderful. So glad you're not neglecting blogging about him when Eli gives you so very much material to blog about. Cute little baby.

Now, back to Eli... I'm eagerly waiting to hear how the potty training in a weekend goes for everyone in the Excell household. Good luck!

Eric and Justine said...

He is huge and adorable! Would you say he looks more like you?