Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Boys

I have a slew of pictures from the last month or so that haven't made their appearance on the blog yet. Here we go...

We went to a splash pad with my sister and her kids.
I never want Eli to lose his baby fat.
Caroline and Spencer decided the water was too cold and focused their attention on Carson. Carson enjoyed the entertainment.

Let me start this sentence by knocking on wood, but Eli has been the best non-hitting brother all month! He has been so sweet to Carson lately. He loves to talk to him and tickle him and help me change his diapers. It's been a refreshing change.
This week I found out Carson hates blenders. I turned one on with him in the same room and it took him about ten minutes to recover. Poor baby.
Here's another poor baby -- Eli fell out of his bed last week. I went in to comfort him and found blood spewing from his mouth. Well, not quite spewing but there was a lot of blood. Somehow he sliced his lip open during his 12 inch fall to the floor. Still not sure how that happened.
Carson got a new outfit because he's growing way too fast.
My mom kept telling me I needed to get Eli a toy lawn mower. He LOVES lawn mowers. I never did get Eli a lawn mower, but we did get him those golf clubs for his birthday which he thinks is a lawn mower. Awesome.
Let's just say I get a nice, quiet evening once a week while Eli's out mowing the lawn with Jeff.
These pictures warm my heart. It's everything I love about Eli.
As far as potty training goes -- we haven't had an accident in a week! Would you believe me if I said potty training has been an absolute breeze? Would you believe me if I told you the last two Sundays he's used the big potties at church and then sprinted back to Nursery because he loves Nursery so much? Sometimes two-year olds aren't so terrible after all.
 We told him once he was potty trained we'd get him his first cell phone.
He doesn't mind that his first phone will be my old, broken phone. If you ask him, it can still get a hold of Grandma.
I'll finish with an Eli story:

We've started going on "neighborhood walks" in the evening right before bedtime. This evening Jeff said, "Sarah, do you want to go on a W-A-L-K tonight?"

Eli then screamed, "Yeah! Neighborhood walk!!"

Now, the context clues may have led him to his assumption, but I'm choosing to believe my son can already spell. Either way, he's too smart for his own good and he sure keeps us on our toes.


Leslie Christensen said...

I love this post. I love Eli mowing the lawn. I love car sons belly in a onesie. I love that potty training has been easy. And I'm so jealous of his love for nursery.
I also believe he can spell and I think u should start having him watch past national spelling bees so he can be a champ by age 5.

jlthomas said...

Cute pictures and stories! I'm still amazed you potty trained Eli, I'm not ready to attempt that with Logan.

Eric and Justine said...

Your boys are so cute!