Friday, November 19, 2010

Boys Hate Pictures

I grew up with my older brother throwing a tantrum every time the words "family pictures" were uttered from my mother's lips. I thought it was just something my older brother hated.

But I've decided all boys hate family pictures. Especially Eli. He was not too excited to be woken up from his nap today to venture out in the cold for a few snapshots. "We need to get new family pictures now that Eli can smile," I said. Too bad we got more of a smile out of him during his 6-week photo shoot.

Before I unveil my mom's Christmas present (...surprise, mom! Sorry I can't withhold information/pictures like my secretive sister.), I must share a story.

Leslie is our dubbed photographer for these quick excursions. We got to her house and I hopped out to knock on her door and let her know we were ready. We hugged, our usual greeting, said our hellos, then she went to shut her door.

There are leaves on the ground this time of year. But when I glanced down and saw a brown leaf with legs scramble into Leslie's apartment just before the door shut, I had to think twice. That's right. I watched a tiny little mouse scurry into Leslie's house.

For a split second I thought, Hmm...Should I tell her a mouse just went in her house or should I hope the saying 'what you don't know won't hurt you' rings true in this situation. Maybe the mouse will find its way out on its own. 

But then I told her. And she screamed. And we ran out to get Jeff to save us. Evidence:

And here are a few...okay...a lot of pictures from our photo shoot. Mom, let me know which one is your favorite.

Thanks Leslie! Looks like we did get a couple good ones after all. Even if Eli didn't smile. And even if waking him up from his nap made him scream bloody murder for two hours after we got home. It was all worth it for the sake of a good old fashion family picture.


Kim said...

What if my favorite is the one of just Jeff holding Eli...?

Rebecca said...

Awww, cute pictures. Don't tell Mom but she may not be getting a present from us this year...