Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Motherhood Mythbusters

Women tend to hear things about having children. Here are some of the common things I heard while I was pregnant (and sometimes even before) and whether I have found them to be truth or myth.

1) You will think your baby is the cutest of all the babies.
Well, this is tricky because I have the cutest baby, so I wouldn't know any different.

2) Your hair will fall out in clumps after having a baby.
Every morning after I get out of the shower I sing this line from Enchanted, "Pluck a hairball from the shower drain." Our bathroom, carpets, clothes, sometimes food and always Eli are now masked beneath a layer of blonde hair. No myth here.

3) You will be busy.
Even if someone asks me what I did all week and I can't think of one thing to tell them, I still feel busy. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, oh yeah and taking care of a baby can be surprisingly time consuming. Truth.

4) Babies are resilient.
Eli may or may not have fallen out of his baby swing this week due to an irresponsible mother. It's a good thing this is true!

5) You will love your baby more than you could ever imagine.
Jeff and I are frequently in Eli's room staring at him while he sleeps or giggling at him when he's awake. We think he's the coolest. This is definitely true.

So I guess what all those mothers told me weren't old wives' tales after all.


Kim said...

Great observations of motherhood.

Glen said...

Another observation is many feel like they can not love any more than when you have your first child and are hesitant because how can you divide your love. Some day you will learn that as you have number 2 it is not love divided, but rather multiplied and all those observations happen yet again.

C&L said...

i just love the picture. look at that happy baby.

David said...

You certainly have a way with words of truth and wisdom Sarah. You are the universal champion of creative blogs. We love them! David

jlthomas said...

Sounds like a Read Ribbon Award nominee to me.