Monday, November 29, 2010

We Fried Our Turkey

Was I skeptical when I heard the Excells would be frying a turkey this year? Yes. Was it my favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner? Heavens yes.

Here are Eli and Jeff just before our Thanksgiving feast.
The Excells started a tradition last year to do a Turkey Shoot. We all went out to the shooting range and shot some shotguns. Are you proud Grandpa?
Believe it or not...things got a little romantic out on the range.
And when that was over, Mary and the boys got competitive.

Bryan won the Beef Jerky and Tomberlone. Toberlone. Tombylone? We had a hard time saying it. I have a hard time spelling it. I could look it up...but it's not like I have a spelling reputation to uphold or anything.

The festivities ended last night with several walks down memory lane. So Excells, thanks for the great food, fun company and for introducing me to Texas Hold 'em. I thoroughly enjoyed my Thanksgiving holiday.


MJMSmith said...

pretty sure its toblerone....but they're amazing!!! And that's a super fun idea for how to cook a turkey. Eli and Jeff are super cute together btw.

David and Mary said...

What? Texas...what? We may or may not have played face cards in our home!
Thanks for all the help.. it was a fun Thanksgiving holiday. I think you captured the turkey with your photo essay!

Laura and Ben said...

We had a great time. Nothing says "I love you" like shooting shot guns.