Wednesday, November 24, 2010

For Eli's Future Wife

when she asks, "What was Eli like as a baby?"

First we have the signature hair:
Then the smile:
He always gets this excited when we talk to him:
His favorite way to sit:
 He loves to talk. By talk I mean scream. Especially in church.
He's kind of a goofball:
And he's super cute (sorry it's blurry. Of course all the cute pictures turned out blurry.):


Annalies said...

Super Cute Sarah! Eli is darling. He is going to be a heart breaker... I feel as if I want to set him up with my niece already. They are the same age...and she is super cute. Just something to think about.

Rebecca said...

I love those pictures of him on the bed.

Also, I'm mad I only got to see you for one day. Come up again.

Kim said...

Hey, I finally made your blog! Too bad Eli is upstaging me.

You think Rebecca is mad about only getting to see you for one day... I feel like we only got to see you for one hour.

Amen to the come up again--and bring Jeff with you.