Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coolest Uncle Award Goes To...

Jeff Excell. Duh. Jeff's niece Kaelynn came to sleep over at our house for a night. She came to our house when we moved in and she thought it was the coolest house ever so she wanted to come back for a sleepover.

We were happy to have her stay!

Laura and her kids came by to drop Kaelynn off. They took the grand tour of our new place and stayed for dinner. It had been forever since we'd seen them so it was nice to catch up.

 You'd think we posed her next to those flowers that perfectly match her shirt, but that was pure luck.

Kaelynn's brothers and Laura said goodbye and as soon as the door shut she was begging Jeff to watch High School Musical 2 with her. To my surprise, Jeff happily turned on the TV and watched the whole movie with her! Do you know how long I've tried to get him to watch that movie with me?!?

Then for breakfast Kaelynn chose to sit right next to her cousin buddy Eli. Eli loved the morning company (even though he isn't completely showing it in the picture below).
After breakfast, guess what Kaelynn wanted to do. Watch another dose of High School Musical! Again, Jeff gladly accommodated his niece's requests.
 Then we decided to do a little photoshoot outside.
 And while Eli was down for his nap Kaelynn and her awesome uncle went to the park.
When they got back, Eli was awake and we decided he needed to be involved in a photoshoot.

We went to lunch at Wendy's and as luck would have it they were giving out free balloons!
My favorite thing that happened was when we dropped Kaelynn back off with her parents we said, "Thanks for staying with us, Kaelynn, it was fun to have you."
Kaelynn, "You're welcome."
Laura, "Kaelynn, what do you say?"
Kaelynn, "What?!? I already said you're welcome!"

But she had it right. We were honored to be in her company!


Kim said...

Sounds so fun it makes me wish I had been there, too. Loved the photo shoots.

Rebecca said...

Brooke is wondering when she gets to sleep over...

Laura and Ben said...

Kaelynn had so much fun. You are the coolest aunt and uncle! You're welcome for having her stay at your house.
p.s. the picture of me isn't as bad as I had thought it would be. Pregnant pictures are always a little scary.