Sunday, June 12, 2011


A few weeks ago Jeff and I were talking about how fun Friday nights used to be in high school.

Key words: used to be.

That got me wondering why on earth Friday nights weren't fun anymore! They had turned into another ordinary day of the week.

So I decided it was time to change that by reintroducing dating into our marriage, and so far it's been a lot of fun.

After our first date, I wanted to keep a journal of all of our dates so we could go back and remember the cute things we came up with. And what better way to do that than a blog?!?

I wasn't sure when or if I would introduce our dating blog to this blog, but I figured why not bring you guys on our little dating journey?

Feel free to use any of our date ideas and join along in the dating your spouse fun! Here's the website. Knock yourself out.


Anonymous said...

I need some creativity.. thanks for sharing the new blog :)

Laura and Ben said...

Very fun! It is important to have dates. I think it's great you take Eli with you. Did Jeff tell you Kaelynn will be with you on your date this Friday?!

sarah said...

Laura - Yes Jeff told me. Kaelynn can join in on the date night fun! We're excited to have her stay with us. And I hear she's excited to spend time with our awesome couch.

Kenzman said...

Well, whenever you need a babysitter you know who to call. Ghost Busters... nah sorry. Lame joke. Couldn't resist it, and please forgive me. But actually, I would like to volunteer my amazing kid watching abilities (yes, its almost as cool as a superpower) and let you know i'm available whenever you need me. Seriously, Eli and I would have heaps of fun. Lemme know, FREE OF CHARGE just cuz I love you so much.

Laura and Ben said...

Sarah, Thanks for letting her stay. She is excited. And she does love your couch. Too bad she isn't a few years older and then she could babysit Eli while you and Jeff went out.