Sunday, June 05, 2011

Happy Birth-Neigh

Hey. It's me again. Are you sick of me yet? I've been blogging like a mad woman. So I understand if I've lost your interest. But if I haven't, here's the big birthday update:

We might be in trouble. We really outdid ourselves this year for Eli's birthday. Once you see what we did, you might think it's not that big of a deal, but if you know how the Thomases celebrate birthdays (we basically don't), you'll know I'm now in over my head because I actually did something for Eli's birthday this year. I actually did a lot of things. And Eli actually had a pretty awesome day doing all his favorite things. So sorry Eli, but your first birthday will probably be the best birthday of your life. And you won't even remember it. Good thing I did a lot of documenting.

Let's start with the cake. I was trying to make a red and blue cake. Then I remembered how hard it is to make red frosting red and not hot pink. Too bad I didn't remember how red frosting doesn't really exist until after I had already slabbed the cake in hot pink frosting. Luckily hot pink turns to orange if you put enough yellow in it. Thanks 3rd grade science, you saved Eli's birthday.

The presents:
The birthday boy! I'm usually all groggy in the morning when I go get Eli, so he knew something was up when I flew into his room singing and being overly excited.
Wow. Looks like I wasn't the only one to fly into his room for his birthday. Hello awesome homemade Pterodactyls. Nice of you to come out of extinction for Eli's big day.

 On the way to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Thomas.
 The Training Table birthday lunch family picture!

Apparently we weren't very entertaining company for the birthday boy. This was our view of Eli until the food came:
But once we did have the food, it wasn't too hard to lure him back towards the table. That boy loves french fries!
 Then we all went back to our house for cake and presents.

While I refrained from reenacting the birthing experience, my dad did a little reenacting of his own. This picture was taken Saturday:
And this picture is from Eli's baby blessing. See. The Thomases clearly get overwhelmed by the birthday scene.
But one Thomas was ready to party!

 After cake, Jeff had to get Eli all fitted for his new forward-facing carseat.

Then we started the old measure-your-height-on-a-wall-every-year tradition. And to our surprise, Eli stood up super straight. Good birthday boy!
When Eli woke up from his afternoon nap we went on a little walk to see all the horses in our neighborhood. That's right. We are basically in the middle of a big petting zoo. Eli loooooooooooooves the horses. He threw a tantrum if we didn't stop to stare at each horse we saw. And then he threw a bigger tantrum once we started walking away from the horses. Eli had a...hay day... when Jeff managed to get this horse to come wish him a happy birth-neigh.
We all had a lot of fun and we're all in shock Eli's already one.


Rebecca said...

How fun. Love the "birth-neigh" part.

Kim said...

I take umbrage on your Thomases birthdays remark! I always made you kids the cutest cut-out cakes when you were younger and your favorite dessert when you got older and even a birthday party or two thrown in here and there. What more could a kid want??!!??

Aren't you glad you invited us (your photographers) to your birthday celebration? I'd say you got some very cute pictures. It was a fun time for us--at least I'll speak for myself--and I'm glad we were there when your son turned one.

Anonymous said...

yay for birthdays. looks like you guys had fun and I really can't believe Eli is 1!! (keep blogging by the way)

Kenzman said...

I love this post. I love Eli. And I will come and throw bread at him anyday. He sure beats a lame duck!!!

jlthomas said...

Happy Birthday Eli! You guys are showing us up with the new carseat, Logan is still in his infant carseat facing backwards. And Emma is going to LOVE your neigh-borhood, that girl is horse crazy! Looks like a great b-day and I'm sure you'll continue to throw him awesome birthdays! Oh and nice save on the cake.

Chelsea said...

Hey Jeff! Love the blog (which I should probably give all the credit to Sarah, right?) I am definitely going to take some of your date ideas for us to use in the future!!! Anyway, quick question...what color is and where did you get the paint in your kitchen? I love the green... Email me back at c.b.rowan(at)gmail(dot)com

And Sarah, I'm an old friend of Jeff's from high school (Chelsea Porter) in case you were wondering what kind of blog stalker I was. :)