Saturday, June 11, 2011

He was a Splishin' and a Splashin'

I got Eli bath letters and numbers for his birthday and they've been a huge hit. Eli loves to put his teeth imprints into every letter and he's always got a few letters in his hand as long as he's in the bath. Eli's not the only one having fun with the new bath toys.

Jeff and I love to throw them at the wall from a distance to see if we can get them to stick:
My favorite game is to see how many letters I can attach to Eli at once.
Or I like making Eli a 4-head.
And I like that sometimes we can spell our last name with only two letters.
Then Eli likes to eat our two-lettered last name.
We all have a lot of fun during Eli's bath time! Those toys may be my best baby purchase yet.


Kim said...

Hilarious! Cute new blog header,

Anonymous said...

Very cute..

jlthomas said...

blog looks great and Eli's adorable!