Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Baby's Daddy

Jeff claims I love to ruin every day that is special to him just because I once accidentally had a meltdown on his first married birthday after he got home from lunch with his friends super later than he told me he would.

Now he thinks it's so funny to remind me of my emotional meltdown whenever he is to be celebrated or gifted. Birthdays, Christmas, any major holiday really. Including Father's Day.
The week leading up to Father's day all I heard was, "So Sarah, how are you going to ruin Father's Day for me this year?"

So when I woke up early on Father's Day to make Jeff a chocolate chip pancake for breakfast -- in time for 9:00 church, no less -- he was about as excited as one could be after just waking up.

And when we got home from church and I graciously let him take a nap, he woke up relaxed and refreshed.
And then when I triumphantly pulled out a special Father's Day gift he has been asking for since Christmas (complete with a cheesy poem that was not blog worthy), I knew I was on track to slash my holiday ruiner status.

Even if it was a successful Father's Day, I still get the feeling Jeff won't let go of my reputation that easily. Oh well. Happy Father's Day you old Father, you.


Kim said...

That first picture of Daddy Jeff with a tiny Eli is so sweet. So glad you got your emotions in check, Sarah. Jeff, don't count on it lasting. She's bound to get emotional at some point in the future. Just enjoy the control while it lasts.

Nat and Charles said...

Ha! Now I don't feel so guilty for having a *tiny* meltdown after the 10 hour adventure on Saturday night :) It was only because both kids were screaming their heads off... But I am glad they all had some good male-bonding time!

Natalie&Brad said...

Tell Jeff to bring that new tennis racket of his down next time and Brad and him can have a little competition :)
and girl meltdowns are awesome.

C&L said...

I remember the meltdown.