Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas: Girls Will Be Girls

Mary was so brilliant to create a schedule for the week. We were each assigned days to cook, clean and think of an activity. It was a great way to get everyone involved in keeping the week running smoothly.
First activity was decorating gingerbread houses. Here's Tana making the frosting.
Here I am posing weirdly with my gingerbread house.
Mary could decorate gingerbread houses for a living she's so good.
Celeste made a darling red and white house.
Laura coordinated the sticker activity and a movie one afternoon. Unfortunately for Eli our activities usually started at 12:00...right during his nap time...so he missed out on most of the organized playing.
Laura also had the kids make these fun art projects to hang on the window. Kaelynn was punching designs through papers all week.
One night after the kids went to bed, we found ourselves huddled around our computers scrolling through the Pinterest home page. Curse you and your luring ways, Pinterest.
Making sugar cookies for Santa:

We put our Pinterest research to good use as we attempted the waterfall braid on each other.
Our finished hair creations:
Photo shoot.

Here we are pretending to be interested in what our husbands spent the week doing.
This is my favorite thing that happened all week. My Christmas presents were: a cookbook, sheets, a can opener, tupperware, maternity clothes and a sewing machine. It was a domestic Christmas.
This was our Christmas dinner table setting. So pretty.
Thanks to the girls, we had an organized, tasty and beautified Christmas.


Rebecca said...

That looked so fun! I loved the schedule of events. Great idea. The waterfall braids looked beautiful. I've tried it on Brooke, but you can imagine it doesn't stay pretty in her hair for long. And you got a sewing machine! I can't wait to see what projects you dream up and create on it, though it will be hard to top the dinosaur mobile and stuffed animal.

jlthomas said...

What a great Christmas! Mary sounds like my kind of lady, a week full of Christmas fun!

p.s. I want your cookbook

Laura and Ben said...

It sure was fun. I can't believe you took 300 pictures.

Kim said...

It did look like a lot of fun. Loved the hair braid photos. Congratulations on getting your own sewing machine. Now I guess mine can just live at Rebecca's home.