Friday, December 02, 2011

Felt Like A Tree

After discovering the Excell home was going to be treeless this December, my friend Leslie became outraged. Apparently Christmas can't exist without a Christmas tree. Just ask the Grinch.

I wasn't too worried about not having a tree this year. We'll be spending most of the Christmas season elsewhere and I can't bring myself to pay full price for one of those suckers.

My feelings changed today after I wrapped all of Eli's presents and wandered around the house trying to find a place for them. It was then that I decided we probably needed some type of Christmas greenery in our home.
To my delight, I got a text from Leslie with a website address that had a fun tree idea. I got to work chopping our Christmas tree.
And Eli had fun decorating. And redecorating. (I didn't notice his pants were falling off at the time. So sorry if I've left you, too, with the urge to pull up his oversized pants in all these pictures.)
This idea is brilliant. Completely. Brilliant. First, Eli can't knock over the tree. Second, he can't break the ornaments. Third, after we get a real tree, we can still put this bad boy up as a play toy to maybe help the kiddos keep their hands off the real tree...or maybe it will backfire and teach them that Christmas trees are toys? I'll let the Grandmas deal with Eli's confusion this year.
Eli giggled and screamed and jumped and did a lap around the house every time he successfully placed an ornament on the tree. Adorable.
It's hard to take a decent picture of him these days. Pretend he was smiling and looking at the camera here.

There you have it. A real Christmas in the Excell home.


jlthomas said...

So cute, great idea! And I too was appalled that you weren't going to have a tree.

jlthomas said...

How do I not get any credit for this? A felt tree is like a paper tree but made with felt.

You need a BYU ornament. Or at least a Jimmer one.


Ben, Tana, B.A., and Dirk said...

I love this idea and might steal it this year, since we probably wont get a tree. We didn't get one last year for our house and it was fine. Maybe I am turning into the grinch though.

Kim said...

Very clever title for this post! What a fun idea to use felt and Eli can then arrange and rearrange the ornaments all he wants.

You were not born yet the year I came up with the idea to put up a paper tree on the wall so our family would have a tree. Felt would be better, though, that's for sure.

Way to use your creativity to enrich your family's life and to make your little boy so happy. It is an adorable tree, that's for sure.

Rebecca said...

I remember the year of the paper tree.

I love this idea. My girls would love this. However, we lack the wall space so we'll stick with our foot and a half tree that we place on top of the piano.

Rebecca said...

Oh, and I like your new festive header.

Kenzman said...

I love your little mini eminem. Give him some bling and soon he'll not only be running around putting ornaments up, he'll be "rapping" gifts.

hahahahahaha. Wow. I'm hilarious.

Kenzman said...

And just WHERE did leslie come up with this blog... I think you are secondarily using pinterest. JOIN ALREADY!!!

Eric and Justine said...

Love this idea, it turned out really cute!