Sunday, December 11, 2011

Popcorn Practicing

After seeing my child was the only one in nursery who didn't know the motions to "The Popcorn Song," I knew I was failing as a mother. We've spent the last week singing about popcorn. Eli finally has the motions down...just not quite in the right order. (My favorite part of the video is him wiggling his finger for the line "it isn't really so, but it seems to be." Second favorite -- his attempt to form his fingers into binoculars at the very beginning.)

It was perfect for Eli to see Grandpa Thomas perform the song, complete with motions, as he popped popcorn for the kiddos last night.

I'm proud to say Eli joined the rest of the kids in singing "The Popcorn Song" today at nursery. I should know. I was there singing along, too.


Rebecca said...

You should join the ward choir!

I love the picture of the three kids looking up at you and Dad and smiling.

Kim said...

Sarah, I didn't know you loved nursery so much that you keep going each week... Ha ha ha! Guess the little guy was a stinker again and wouldn't stay in there alone despite his new-found musical abilities. Cute video and cute pictures of the grandkids on the cabinet.

Anonymous said...


David and Mary said...

I love Grandpa Thomas' double popcorn poppers! The kids are cute waiting for their popcorn! I am so glad Eli is learning the song.. now I know what he can do for the CT and R.