Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eli's Earned His Stripes

Not many people realize the extra benefit of being married to an accountant -- when you need to paint stripes on a wall, they are very good at calculating the measurements and making sure the lines are oh so straight. Welcome to Eli's new stripey room:
We're going to have his toddler bed against this wall and probably pick up an old dresser and paint it a fun color. Then the rest of the walls are going to be the grey below with pictures and shelves and curtains in the green and orange.
Now someone reassure me this is going to be cute once it's all put together.


Rebecca said...

I LOVE the stripes! They look professional. I can't wait to see the whole room. You keep doing things to your house making me need to keep going up to see the improvements.

P.S. Pinterest is of the devil. Jeff probably agrees. If he doesn't yet, I have a feeling he soon will.

Kim said...

Those stripes do look amazingly straight and nice. Good thing Jeff was in charge of that part of the project.

I can reassure you the room will look wonderful because you always do a great job with your decorating.

CandL said...

Will jeff come do stripes at my house...when we buy one... I loooove the colors! Elis room is going to,be cuuute. Izzy & I are feeling the need to come up. See it in real life!!

Eric and Justine said...

very cute!

Kenzman said...

Sorry it look me so long to see this! Love love love live love! I love! You are an inspiration and adorable. I'm so proud to call you my friend you stylish fashionista decorator!

jlthomas said...

it's going to be way cute! You're a great decorator, and Jeff's an awesome painter. cant' wait to see the finished product!