Monday, December 12, 2011

Eli is Cute: Photo Evidence

Sometimes Eli sleeps in until 9:15 in the morning. And then he takes a four and a half hour nap. And then we put him to bed at his normal bedtime (7:30) and he chats to himself in his room for two hours. I've appreciated the early Christmas present of extra free time today. I even explored the world of Pinterest that I swore I'd never become a part of.

Anyway, back to the boy. He's so cute. Whenever Jeff and I talk about Eli, we can't help but smile and giggle at all of his cuteness. Even though sometimes he climbs in the sink while I'm trying to get ready in the morning just to slobber all over my toothbrush. But it still ends up being too cute to be mad about.
So I let him have Jeff's toothbrush too as I hope he doesn't figure out how to turn the water on while he's brushing.
Eli also has a fascination with makeup. Which he calls "pretty." Maybe I gave him his own makeup sponge so he would stop stealing mine.
If you ask me, he's just as beautiful without makeup.
Every night we read three books as a part of our bedtime routine. Last Friday Eli wouldn't let me put his pajamas on him because he was too eager to jump on his chair and read. He looked too adorable in his long-sleeved onesie, flipping through books, to not make a mini-photo-shoot out of it. It wasn't until an hour after Eli's bedtime that Jeff came wandering in wondering what kind of mischief we were getting into.
I loved the book resting on his legs with just his little feet poking out.

He has to point and name everything he knows. His favorite finds are bugs, bubbles, mouse, cat and whatever else his unrecognizable jabber means.
For some reason I'm a sucker for babies on their tiptoes? Especially when they have chubby little thighs to hoist up.
This was when Jeff came in. Eli always has to show off for Jeff. So he bravely sat on the armrest for his Dad's approval.
And then he did this?
Which prompted Jeff to tickle attack Eli. And then send him straight to bed.
We love our Eli and all of his cuteness makes me even more excited for another cute boy to join our family.


Kim said...

I'm so glad the little boy loves to read...and brush his teeth (or should I say his TWO teeth).

jlthomas said...

Eli is so cute, he always brings a smile to my face!

CandL said...

Oh eli. I love the third picture.most. Hes so cute