Monday, October 22, 2012

Cookie Boogie

What do you get when you mix Eli, cookie dough, and Kelly Clarkson? See for yourself...

Eli was a hoot today. We went and got slushes from Sonic for family night. While we were waiting in the drive-thru Eli was our stand-up comedian.

 Eli: My want slush.
Jeff: I know. We're getting slushes.
There was just one car in front of us taking forever. 
Eli: Drive your wheels truck!
Me: You tell 'em, Eli.
Jeff: Yeah, truck. Drive your wheels.
Eli: My already said that, Daddy.

 At this rate, you guys will be getting an Eli quote daily. He keeps me laughing all day long!


Eric and Justine said...

Hey keep them coming. He is hilarious! My already said that daddy. Haha

Rebecca said...

I'm convinced that simply starting sentences with "my" instead of "I" makes the conversation 100% cuter.

P.S. Brooke and Caroline loved the dancing Eli.

Leslie Christensen said...

ha ha. my already said that daddy.

Anonymous said...

Eli needs to come dance with baby Sarah.

jlthomas said...

I can't wait to see Eli at Stake Dances!