Sunday, October 21, 2012


Halloween is creeping up on us fast, so I wanted to do something fun with Eli to get us in the holiday spirit. My plan was to cut out a pumpkin shape and a bunch of different faces so Eli could make silly faces on him.

My plan was never fully executed. Eli caught glimpse of the scissors and thought cutting was a much better game than my jack-o-lantern project. Unfortunately we haven't invested in the kid-friendlier version of scissors (can any scissors really be kid friendly?), so Eli played with the super sharp, kitchen, meat cutting scissors instead. And although this picture may convince you otherwise, he did not chop off his head, or any other appendage for that matter.
He just snipped, snipped, snipped, ever so carefully and precisely. For roughly an hour. Mumbling about "punkmans" all the while.
Carson ate his scraps while keeping a safe distance between him and eli scissor-hands.
Again, no injuries occurred despite the parenting recklessness this picture portrays.
I was trying to take a few pictures of Mr. Slobber Monkey, but he kept grabbing the camera. Then it made me laugh because all the pictures I got of him looked like those I-nonchalantly-took-a-picture-of-myself portraits.
We'll play with scissors every day if it continues to provide this much entertainment and if he continues to be shockingly cautious with them.
To stick with our pumpkin theme, I had the idea to give his lunch some festive flare. To enjoy the following story, you should know that Eli refuses to eat PB&J sandwiches. Come on. What kid doesn't like peanut butter and jelly?!? That's supposed to be every parent's easy go-to lunch. In an effort to interest Eli in the easiest lunch to prepare in the world, I whipped one up and cookie-cuttered it into the shape of a pumpkin. Then we had this little exchange:

Me: ELI! Do you want to have a special PUMPKIN shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch today?!?
Eli: Hmmmmmm.
Long pause as he worked through my offer.
Eli: My don't think so mommy.

At least he likes mac and cheese.
Once the kiddos were in bed, we continued our pumpkin themed day by carving pumpkins. I made weird faces in the process.
Jeff and I were planning what to carve, and we decided we could melt Eli's heart by making Mickey and Minnie pumpkins. We got to work carving away.
Minnie was a disaster.
So I opted to turn my pumpkin around and make a quick jack-o-lantern face and call it good.

Jeff had the same bad luck with Mickey.
But he was able to salvage his into a cute, recognizable outline.
I'll end with another Eli quote from this weekend. We can't get enough of his jabber:
Me: Jeff, I'm going to take the kids to the park.
Eli: You take kids to park, Mama?
Jeff: Eli, when she says kids, she's talking about you. Do you want to go to the park?
Eli: I'll bring my hands!

Love that kid.


Anonymous said...

no PB&J??? I'll eat a pumpkin shaped sandwich! Maybe next time I'm up for a visit??

Keep putting up the Eli quotes. LOVE them :)

Rebecca said...

I can't get over how big Eli is looking. And I also love the Eli quotes. So funny the way kids think.

Leslie Christensen said...

So funny. I love Eli quotes.
Also, Carson is the cutest baby.
I noticed they both have a little bruise on their forehead in the same spots! Did they bonk heads? haha.
I love this post.

Kim said...

Love when you called your eldest Eli scissor-hands. And him saying punkmans is so funny. His sayings are great. Keep 'em coming

Kim said...

Love when you called your eldest Eli scissor-hands. And him saying punkmans is so funny. His sayings are great. Keep 'em coming