Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Did He Just Say...?

Basically everything Eli says right now is hilarious. Here are some of my favorite quotes from him lately:

While introducing him to one of Kenzie's friends:
Me: Eli, this is A.J. Let's practice. What's her name?
Me: And what's his name?
Eli: Pajamas!


Eli's new favorite question is: What are you doing? He asks it about every two minutes. One day while we were in the car:
Eli: What you doin' Daddy?
Jeff: Driving. What are you doing, Eli?
Eli: My doing backseat.


While driving with my mom. My mom and I were talking when Eli interrupted:
Eli: Grandma?
My mom: Yes, Eli?
Eli: You're cute.


Calling from his room after we put him to bed one night:
Eli: Daddy-O! WHERE ARE YOU?!?"


After every prayer in Sacrament Meeting:
Eli (very loudly): Hooraaaaay! Now go to church!


On a walk:
Eli: Go to the park today Mommy?
Me: Not today.
Eli: Probly we should go to park today actually.
(He combines probably and actually in sentences all the time and it never fails to crack me up.)


The neighbors were over jumping on the trampoline with Eli. They were jumping basically into the fence and catching themselves (they're a lot older than Eli). Eli watched in amazement then announced:
"Okay." Big breath. "My do it. My do it." Luckily he was just talking a big talk and never launched himself at the fence.


One day while waiting for my mom to come visit, he had stolen Carson's binky and was sucking on it:
Me: Eli. Give me back that binky. Grandma doesn't like binky boys.
Eli pulls the binky out: Grandma not like binkies?
Me: Nope. She doesn't.
Eli thinks for a minute.
Eli: Grandma like crying boys?
Me: No. Grandma doesn't like crying boys either.
Eli: Waaa Waaaa Waaaaaaa.
Puts the binky back in.

Clever boy. I guess he figured the binky was the lesser of two evils. He's probably right.


*Sorry in advance for this one. I try to steer clear of all things of this subject manner, but it's one of my favorite quotes.*
Eli while looking at some dirt on the ground:
Eli: That dirt, mama?
Gets down to further inspect followed by a sigh of relief.
Eli: No, not dirt. Just poop.


Rebecca said...

Hilarious and the pictures are adorable.

Kim said...

That Eli--he's always good for a laugh, or two, or three, or more.

I love the pictures, too. Kind of like a little teaser for the big new family photo reveal. I can hardly wait!

Klarissa said...

Eli looks ready for kindergarten - so grown up! Love the quotes - can't wait to hear him in person!

David and Mary said...

I love the pictures.. can't wait to see the whole fam!