Sunday, October 07, 2012

Scribbles, Slime and Solids

Curtains are taking over my life. Which means I only have time to blog on Sundays. Which also means I have to cram all our news into a weekly update. Let's start with the time Eli drew a picture of himself on the trampoline.

Before you give him more credit than his tiny two-year old hands deserve, here's the story behind the art: I think he accidentally managed to draw a circle. After seeing the circle and realizing that's how Jeff and I start pictures of people, he exclaimed, "Oh! My draw Eli!" Then he proceeded to dot the eyes while explaining, "Here's Eli's eye. Other Eye." He then drew the line under the eyes and told me it was Eli's mouth. He finished by scribbling under the face and announcing, "Eli's chin!"

That's how his first recognizable piece of art was born:
Jeff was super dad one morning and let me sleep in. I woke up to two happy, dressed boys and a delicious breakfast waiting for me. Lucky mama.
I love that Eli has to be copying everything Carson does.
They still love their tummy time!
I've started this new thing where I make an effort to make Fridays a little more fun than other days. It helps me get excited about the end of the week instead of pining away and waiting for the weekend to be here. This week Eli helped me make slime for my pack meeting treat. He was a surprisingly awesome helper!

Shortly after this picture was taken we found out it's a terrible idea to lay on slime with a new t-shirt on.
Carson's special Friday activity was trying out his first solid food -- oatmeal! In the last few weeks he's acted like he's still hungry after I nurse him and since he still needs to nurse around the clock, I figured it was time to see if solids could help satisfy that little appetite of his.
He loved the oatmeal. Didn't gag once. Slurped the whole bowl down and stayed full for quite a while. Hooray!
This week we noticed Carson is getting his four top teeth! He's growing teeth like crazy and not very happy about it. His already short naps have shortened and he whines if I'm not holding him. I'm dying for those teeth to break through so I can have my hands and my super happy baby back!


David and Mary said...

The boys are looking so grown up and cute! I like the slime that Eli helped you make!

Kim said...

Curses to the curtains if it means a blog entry only once a week. How is that supposed to satisfy all your favorite blogger fans?!?

Just a note--I never once remember any of my five children ever drawing a chin on drawings of themselves or drawings of any other people. Eli must consider his chin is best feature.

Eric and Justine said...

You are a cool mom! Fun Fridays for everyone. I can't believe Carson is getting so many teeth so fast.

Leslie Christensen said...

Who draws a chin!? So creative. I love that. What a little cutie.
I do not care for the curtain situation. I miss your posts.