Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Curtain Call Part 2

On Monday, I had my first night of being completely caught up on my orders since I opened my Etsy shop. I thought I'd enjoy the break, kick back and relax for a change. When evening came, I got antsy not being behind my sewing machine. So what did I do? I sewed curtains, of course! Here's the latest addition to Eli's room:
Hello cuteness. Sewing curtains constantly has opened my eyes to how much curtains can add to a room. I used to think my only curtain option was white, or maybe a solid color if I wanted to get crazy. Now I know curtains can be fun and completely liven up a room!

I found the fabric for the curtains online (my first Etsy purchase actually). It was exactly what I was looking for! Love them!

I finished the curtains late at night and couldn't wait to put them up. So yeah. If you look closely, that's Eli sleeping in his bed.
I think that was the absolute last detail of Eli's room that needed to be done. His room is still my favorite in the house. I completely love the way everything has come together!

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Eric and Justine said...

You have some mad skillz. The new curtains are cute!