Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Day With Eli

Eli has fallen into a nice routine in the last couple of weeks. I love knowing how to plan my day. It usually starts with a thumb-sucking baby in the morning who is happy as can be. He is most giggly and smily first thing in the morning. 
Then he gets a little time with Jeff before Jeff goes off to school for the day. This time usually involves Jeff's favorite trick with Eli: folding him in half while being so proud he's "already sitting." 
Eli gets to be a water baby every other day for his bath. I think Eli is super cute right after he gets out of the bath. I just can't resist a clean little baby cuddled up in a ball of towels making this face:
Our newest favorite activity is spending hours doing laps around our apartment like this. Eli likes to be held now. And over the last week he hasn't let me put him down. Whatever it takes to round out that little head of his I guess.
And of course we get to see a lot of this throughout the day: 


Kim said...

His face sure is round--doesn't that count for anything?

And, the back of his head looks a little more round in the side picture of him. We'll keep pulling for him (and you and Jeff) that he won't need one of those baby helmets.

Jeff, have you at least learned not to fold Eli in half right after he's eaten?

Rebecca said...

If he were my child, I'd have to schedule in daily pinch-his-cheeks time.

Glen said...

I love the BIG EYES!!! I was thinking that came from the Golden side of the family but alas, I think Eli may be proving me wrong.

C&L said...!