Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eli - The Celebrity Impersonator

Whenever people see Eli the first thing they comment on is his abundance of hair. As I was looking through pictures of the last three months, I have noticed Eli's abundance of hair has done an abundance of celebrity impersonations. 

Our first is Screech from Saved By The Bell. Screech's hair is "ugly pretty" as Tyra Banks would say. A sort of tamed unruliness.

And then comes Donald Trump. What three-month old doesn't aspire to have hair like this successful businessman?

Watch out ladies! Eli's got the Zac Efron sweep.
These next three are all David Beckham inspired by his famous mohawk. 

And finally, Eli's hair in its most frequent form: The Kate Gosselin.


jlthomas said...

If I had not seen this post I would have considered it impossible for a single person to resemble such an eclectic group of celebs. Nicely done...nicely done.

Kim said...

Sooooo Funny!!! That was good for a few belly laughs.

David and Mary said...

Good one Sarah!

Laura and Ben said...

Ha! I love Eli's hair.