Sunday, May 08, 2011

Moms Are Special

I had every intention of getting my mom a card for Mother’s Day. I’m bad at picking out cards though. So I procrastinated. And missed my window of opportunity. So now I’m stuck having to get creative on Mother’s Day. Here goes nothing...

Hey mom. It's really not fair that you don't realize how cool your mom is until after you're off on your own with a kid pulling on your pants that you don't quite know how to raise. So you think back on how you were raised and decide if you like what was done with you. 

And that's when you start to appreciate the ever loving, watchful eye that guided you through high school.
And the smiling and giggling over the years.
And all those lessons on how to bargain shop and spend your money wisely.
And how to work hard and keep a clean house.
And all the encouragement given to achieve difficult goals.
The daily mothering advice and reassurance I'm doing just fine.
The positive attitude you always seem to have.
The help with finding hobbies and enjoying life.
And everything else that got to me to where I am today. Mom, you're pretty great. You're the best mom for me. I'm glad you're my mom and I wish I could have known just how great you are all along. So sorry for that one time when I was a teenager and a little unappreciative.
I used to hate to admit it, but I can see myself becoming more and more like you every day.  I hope Eli's lucky enough to have a mom like you.

And the great thing about being married is you get another mom! I feel so lucky to have Mary as my mother-in-law. She has been so accepting and welcoming to me since the day she met me and I am so grateful for that.
She is such a fun grandma and always has the magic touch to calm a cranky baby.
Not to mention she raised a son I'm kind of fond of.
She knows how to throw great parties and have fun no matter where she is.
I love you Mom and Mary! Happy Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

yay for Mom's :) Happy Mother's day.. love the pics..

David and Mary said...

Thanks Sarah, you are a great daughter in law. Love ya.

Kim said...

That was the sweetest post ever! LOVED IT!! So glad you didn't find a card because this was 100 times better. I love you, too.

I'm glad you included your mother-in-law in your Mother's Day gratitude because I think you are so blessed to have Mary in your life. Loved the picture of her and Jeff on the couch.

And I laughed at the picture depicting you becoming just like me. Funny and tender stuff. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.