Monday, May 02, 2011

We're So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

I had an off day today. You know. The kind of day where everything goes annoyingly wrong but not wrong enough for you to be legitimately upset about it. 

When Jeff came home from work I ran out to greet him in the driveway and to hand off a somewhat crabby and somewhat naked baby. I quickly started dinner and then when Jeff came in to talk to me I...snapped. It was also the kind of day where I didn't know I was crabby until someone talked to me. Unfortunately for Jeff he was the someone.

Seeing my frustration, Jeff let me do my thing.

Then he spilled water all over me at dinner on accident. It was the perfect example of how my day was going. It was also the perfect incident to make me realize how funny I was being. And I laughed way more than I should have.

Then Jeff told me to go and relax and offered to do the dishes. Ahh. Just what I needed.

Eli is also super excited to see Jeff whenever he comes home. Almost as excited as he gets when we make one of his stuffed animals dance (see second picture). Jeff is such a cute dad and a cute husband. I'm not typically one to boast about my husband on the internet, but I happened to have cute pictures to go along with the boast so I figured I may as well!

Three cheers for good husbands!


Kim said...

Love the pictures of Jeff and Eli on the couch. When are you going to post a video of Eli screaming while moving quickly around the table trying to get away from Jeff? Those giggles and squeals are the best!

P.S. You can brag about your wonderful husband all you want. It's nice to know you married such a wonderful guy.

Rebecca said...

Well, if Jeff didn't get a hate note, then I say whatever happened didn't qualify as you having "snapped."